Olives Go Wild is a business venture set up to support and actively participate in our young and dynamic South African olive industry.

Olea africana is the African wild olive. It is known as the olienhout in Afrikaans and umNquma in Zulu, Xhosa and Swati. We have chosen to interpret Olea africana as Olives Go Wild.

Our approach to our business flows from the name that we have chosen for our venture.  Olea africana reflects our roots – we are part of Africa and proud to be so.  As a forebear of the Olea europa, we strive to learn from the proven past, the evolving present and to share the future vision with our global counterparts.

Olives Go Wild reflects our passion, our energy, and our desire to add value and make a difference to the industry we love and enjoy.

Our main areas of activity are:

  • Packing and marketing our special, customised blend of top quality locally produced and certified extra virgin olive oils in Vacu-Fresh packaging developed by Olives Go Wild in 2009.
  • Importing and marketing elegant drip-free glass drizzlers to complement the above.
  • Extra virgin olive oil appreciation and table olive processing courses.


Should enzymes be used in extra virgin olive oil production?

“Protecting our Advantage” (PDF), by Linda Costa. Published in FST Magazine - May 2016