Olives Go Wild offers the discerning consumer top quality South African extra virgin olive oil, specially selected and blended to enhance food flavours in all cooking styles.

We have developed and patented the Vacu-FreshTM packaging concept to fully protect the oil from oxidation caused by exposure to air and light. In contrast to glass bottles, tins and the like, Vacu-FreshTM eliminates the ingress of air even whilst the oil is being used.

To complement Vacu-FreshTM, Olives Go Wild offers an elegant olive oil glass drizzler for table use. These drizzlers are uniquely drip-free and dishwasher friendly.

Consumers are often uncertain which olive oil to choose to enhance their food experience. To make this process easier and more relevant to personal preference, we offer olive oil tasting courses as demand requires.

See Tastings for more information.



Should enzymes be used in extra virgin olive oil production?

“Protecting our Advantage” (PDF), by Linda Costa. Published in FST Magazine - May 2016