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Vacu-Fresh™ - selected Extra Virgin Olive Oil in specialized packaging  - perfect for:

Olive Oil Dispenser
  • Protecting your oil: This anaerobic packaging provides the best protection for olive oil by excluding air and light. In the absence of air and light, the oil will be protected against any oxidation. In contrast to other forms of packaging, Olives go Wild Vacu-Fresh, being vacuum-packed with a collapsible bag, allows no air into the sealed unit even whilst in use. Oxidation spoils the wonderful aromas of fresh extra virgin olive oil and eventually leads to rancidity of the product.
  • Your food: Perfect protection of the product means that all the aromatic benefits of the extra virgin olive oil are available to enhance your food at any time, and all the time.
  • Your health: Preservation of the antioxidants in the oil means that there are more available to protect our bodies - see more under health benefits.
  • Your convenience: The custom-made Vacu-Fresh packaging ensures that this product is ideal for your kitchen - it will not break if dropped. It can be packed up easily when going on holiday and is ideal to protect the oil at the coast where humidity causes more rapid oxidation if the oil is exposed to any air.
  • Our environment: The biodegradable and recyclable packaging respects our environment.

Only superior quality locally produced extra virgin olive oil is selected for Olives Go Wild Vacu-Fresh. The olive estate from which the oil is sourced is indicated on the back label.

For more information on the qualities of and requirements for extra virgin olive oil, please go to About Olives & Oil.

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